Carpet Sales Christchurch – Get Wool Carpet & Nylon Carpet

Carpet Sales Christchurch Wool Carpet & Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet

Why spend time driving across town or squinting at small photos online, when you can have a full range of carpet samples brought to you. For all carpet sales, Christchurch-wide, we’ll give you detailed information on flooring options available, before measuring the area and providing a quote. By coming to you, we gain a better understanding of the areas use, size and the style you’re creating in the room. All these factors, alongside your budget and desired feel underfoot can affect the grade, colour and material you ultimately choose.

Choose Wool Carpet for Comfort & Temperature Control

Nothing beats the feeling of wool carpet, it’s soft underfoot and helps regulate room temperature throughout the year. What’s more, the highly-sought after New Zealand wool is considered the purest in the world. Made from such a high-quality, natural fiber, wool carpet is a healthy choice for the home because it is fire-resistant, non-allergenic and long lasting.
Wool carpet sustains a comfortable level of humidity in an interior as it absorbs moisture. Wool carpet acts as an atmospheric buffer, releasing moisture again when the air becomes dry. Wool also it also absorbs contaminants and odours in the air, improving the indoor air quality, helping you breathe easier.

Choose 100% Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet for Durability

The advantage of solution dyed nylon is that it’s extremely hard wearing & difficult to stain, making it a popular choice for rentals.

Solution dyed nylon carpet is like a carrot. If you cut a carrot in half you will find the colour all the way through, solution dyed nylon carpet is the same, it has the colour all the way through the fibre. This makes it very difficult to stain and mark, if you’re wondering how to clean carpet, the answer depends on the fabric it’s made from. If you develop a stubborn stain on your solution dyed nylon carpet, simply apply a mix of half bleach and half water the stain will be removed but the colour in the carpet will not be affected. This product is nearly bulletproof, it gives a ‘suede-like’ million-dollar look for a medium budget.

When browsing through options and catalogues for carpet sales, Christchurch customers may pause to consider what kind of use the room will have, what’s the colour scheme and what’s the overall budget? Our guide to choosing carpet provides some simple, key considerations for carpet types and colour, depending on the area being done.

Our range includes carpets from reputable brands including Norman Ellison, Victoria Carpets & Feltex. The Carpet Company offers both wool carpet and solution dyed carpet sales, Christchurch-wide as well as floor tiles, vinyl plank and wooden flooring solutions.