Wool vs Nylon Carpet

Wool Carpets

Nothing beats the feeling of wool it’s soft, dirt-resistant, insulates against heat and cold, reduces noise and has flame resistant qualities. What’s more, New Zealand wool is considered the purest, whitest and cleanest in the world.

Wool regulates the humidity of an interior as it absorbs moisture acting as an atmospheric buffer and releases it again when it is dry it also absorbs contaminants and odours in the air, improving the indoor air quality, which helps you breathe easier.

100% Solution Dyed Nylon

Very Difficult To Stain And Extremely Hard Wearing

This product is like a carrot. If you cut a carrot in half you will find the colour all the way through, Solution Dyed Nylon is the same, it has the colour all the way through the fibre making it very difficult to stain and mark, in fact if you develop a stubborn stain simply apply a mix of half bleach and half water the stain will be removed but the colour in the carpet will not be affected. This product is nearly bulletproof it gives a ‘suede like’ million-dollar look for a medium budget.