Floor Tiles Christchurch – Kitchen Tiles, Bathroom Tiles & More

Floor Tiles Christchurch – Kitchen Tiles, Bathroom Tiles & More

Advice, Sales & Installation

Get help to find your ideal tiling solution and achieve you the look you want while working within your budget.
From bathroom tiles to kitchen tiles, tiled floors are an exciting flooring option. Low maintenance, durable and easy to install, tiles can be used in many areas of your home or commercial area.
You can be very creative about how you use tiles to enhance the look you want for your new area to add class, style and value.
At The Carpet Company, we’ll help you develop the look and feel you want in your wall or floor tiles. Christchurch-customers can come to us with nothing more than ideas and a budget and we’ll find a stylish, affordable solution for both wall and floor tiles. Christchurch-based, we are here to help you with your planning process. By presenting you with different options, we’ll help you to discover which tiles will best fit into your setting without blowing your budget.
Budgeting how much to spend and what to spend it on is a challenge for most people the first few times they tackle a renovation or new build, as is finding the balance between look, value and investment. Our job is to help you through that process by giving you with a range of options to consider and taking as much time as you need to realise the vision you have.
There are many, many choices when it comes to tiles; ceramic, porcelain, vinyl or carpet tiles is really just the starting point for choosing floor tiles. Christchurch-wide our team can help from the planning stage to installation.

Hot or Cold, Wet or Dry?

Tiles can be cooling in a hot area but you can also have under floor heating if you’re using them as bathroom tiles or in other wet areas. Get advice on the different technologies available that work with each type of tiles.

Integrated Effects

Tiles are about more than floors. You can integrate tiles into splash backs, fire surrounds and many areas. As well as kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles, consider accenting your design with tiles in the toilet, laundry, interior or exterior entranceways, driveways or other areas.
There are many places you can use tiles in your design to add a touch of class or difference to help bring up an area. Bring us your plans or ideas and we can help you with suggestions and feedback about what is possible and then help you to direct your budget to suit your choices.

Sizes and Shapes
Tiles come in many ranges of different sizes. There are reasons for each range of sizes. We can cut tiles to fit a space when installing them, however, there are other considerations when it comes to fitting tiles. Size and shape are not just about ‘fitting in a space’ it’s also about a balance of ‘look’. Choosing the wrong shape and size of tiles may result in an area just looking ‘odd’.
The Carpet Company will help you to understand about different sizes, shapes and product lines. You’ll get guidance on how to use those in your area to get the best effect to enhance your area and add the value you want.

Big tiles can be fast to lay but could require more cutting and fiddly finishing, which can take more time than smaller floor tiles. Christchurch-based, our local, responsive team will help you to understand which product is best suited your budget and preference by considering installation issues as well as the tiles themselves. We want you to be happy with your choice, get a great look and feel that you got value.
You don’t need to spend huge amounts of money to get great looks! We can help you to get the look you want within your budget for everything from kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles to matching tiles with carpet, vinyl or wooden flooring elsewhere in your home or business.

Get in touch for flooring, vinyl plank tiles & carpet, Christchurch-wide.